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At Chiropractic Advantage we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, professional, and relaxed style of rehabilitation and wellness care. We aim to inspire you to take care of your most important asset: your health! We will listen intently to your health concerns, thoroughly assess your case and make genuine recommendations pertaining to what is needed to enable your health restoration and wellness care. If we feel that our therapeutic services are not an option for you or if you would be better served through an approach to health care other than ours, we will make the appropriate referral and recommendations.

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Patient Testimonials

  • I felt like i had failed my son!

    My son Christian was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 3. His behavior was very different from his twin sisters in that he was very hyperactive, impulsive, irritable and was not able to focus... Read More

    Christian Martens

  • He helped my son after 3 sets of tubes!

    My son Hayden suffered with ear infections and the pain that accompanies them for as long as I can remember. They began at only 6 weeks old. We went to several pediatricians for help and each time we were given a different prescription. Read More

    Hayden Wall

  • Dr. Wilding is a life saver!

    Before undergoing treatment at Chiropractic Advantage, I had been involved in 3 motor vehicle collisions which caused me to suffer with chronic neck pain and stiffness, and I had difficulty turning my head to the left. Read More

    Julie S.


    I was suffering with left arm numbness and tingling as well as neck pain which would come and go, I was also very tired and lifeless. I considered this to be a sign of something more severe so I went to my primary medical doctor. Read More

    Mary Volz

Why Choose Chiropractic Advantage

Why ChooseChiropractic Advantage

  • Highly trained & experienced doctors
  • Patient-centered care based on a thorough evaluation & follow-up assessments
  • Safe and effective methods to prevent & treat injuries and optimize function
  • Highly beneficial for amateur & professional athletes
  • Comprehensive advice & recommendations to help you manage your health
  • Cutting edge technologies designed to restore function and improve overall health.

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