80 Years healthy

Nobody would help me

Elizabeth Wilson Elizabeth Wilson

My name is Elizabeth Wilson and I am so glad my son referred me to Dr. Paat. My lower back and neck pain were ruining my life. My doctors had tried surgery about 10 years ago and it helped for a while but then got progressively worse again. I had to take Darvocet daily and I was unable to attend church services as often as I’d liked, I could not continue with extracurricular activities such as my crafts because my pain was so debilitating. I even had to cancel on family gatherings because I just couldn’t get around. I needed extra assistance, I couldn’t drive myself around like I did in the past. It was very frustrating and depressing. I had started to realize that it was just going to get worse, not better. I had tried chiropractic in the past but the doctor said that he couldn’t help me. I was at a loss. My surgeon wouldn’t touch me anymore, not that I wanted more surgery...nobody would help me. Then I met Dr. Paat. She has had such a wonderful impact on my life. I feel better than I have in years and I have rejoined my craft class and I am attending many more social events with church. I visit Dr. Paat only when I have a flare-up, and stop it from getting worse. It is great. I have told so many people about chiropractic. I now realize that there is always the potential to heal, no matter what age you are.