Constant Sneezing

Even UNC Children’s Hospital Couldn’t Help!

Rusty Rusty

My son Rusty suffered with constant sneezing for the past three years. Every morning Rusty would wake sneezing 15-20 times and this would continue throughout the day. I had taken him to Goldsboro Pediatrics and UNC Children’s Hospital to find out why he sneezed constantly and how we could help him stop. The doctors prescribed several allergy medications, nose sprays, recommended a new mattress and pillow covers. He stayed on Zyrtec even though it didn’t help, Nothing helped!

I felt awful for Rusty because he couldn’t go anywhere without a pocketful of Kleenex. It was embarrassing for him especially while in school or church. We just never knew when he would start sneezing.

We decided to try chiropractic because we had nothing to lose. A friend recommended Dr. Paat and we are so glad they did. After his very first visit, the next morning he woke up and didn’t sneeze for the very first time in about 3 years! We were so impressed. Since seeing Dr. Paat we have not needed the medications and he continues to do better than ever. As a mother, it makes me feel so good to know that I am treating my children without using drugs. Now not only do we bring our 10 year old son, but my husband, my 8 year old daughter, my mother and myself all come in for adjustments. This was the first winter since my children were born that our whole family stayed well. Chiropractic is for much more than just pain! Our whole family is so much healthier and happier since coming to Chiropractic Advantage!