ADHD & Bipolar

I felt like i had failed my son!

Christian MartensChristian Martens

My Mom still makes me take my fish oil, multivitamins and my Green’s shake everyday before school, even though I don’t love doing it, I know it helps.

My son Christian was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 3. His behavior was very different from his twin sisters in that he was very hyperactive, impulsive, irritable, and was not able to focus. I had been bringing him to Goldsboro Pediatrics and was then referred to Greenville Psychiatrists. He was prescribed numerous medications such as Clonidine, Trileptal, Concerta, Abilifi and several therapists, including speech and behavioral. The edications seemed to help for a short time but the problems would return.

I was so frustrated as a parent, I felt that I had failed my son. He did not get along well with other children. He didn’t function well in the classroom and would come home from school with D’s. We had such a time at family events because we were always so focused on trying to get Christian to behave that we didn’t even enjoy the event itself. It affected Christian as well, he had very low selfesteem. I just didn’t know where to turn it seemed we had exhausted all of our treatment options. Then my uncle referred me to his chiropractor Dr. Wilding. I had no idea that this would help Christian but I thought why not.

Within 6 months of care and major lifestyle dietary changes we were able to stop all of Christians medications. He is now an A-B student and a very happy-go-lucky child. It is amazing the change we have witnessed. The entire family benefited from Christians care, we all eat healthier and none of us get sick very often. I have told so many people about chiropractic and the dietary changes that Dr. Paat and Dr. Wilding recommended, through his 8 Week Nutrition Course and Dr. Paat’s Dietary Toxins Class. My entire family goes to Chiropractic Advantage now. I think going to Chiropractic Advantage was the best thing I have ever done for my family.