Allergies & Ear Aches

Cameron Jernigan Cameron Jernigan

Cameron Loves Getting Adjusted!

My son Cameron has suffered with allergies and ear aches for about 6 years now. He has taken several medications to help alleviate his symptoms but nothing seemed to correct the problem. He would also take Tylenol at least once a month. He just seemed to stay sick. I had to remove him from school regularly to bring him to the doctor because his allergies were so bad. He would then take whatever medicine was prescribed and it would make him very sleepy, or ill. It seemed as though he was taking antibiotics constantly. He avoided playing outdoors because he would get a headache along with other allergy symptoms. It was very difficult to watch my son suffer like this. The Zyrtec he took was not helping in anyway either, I didn't know what else I could do as a parent to help him. A friend of mine told me how much Dr. Paat had helped their son with his allergies. I had never been to a chiropractor before but thought we should try it.

Since seeing Dr. Paat Cameron has been well! We have not had to bring him to the doctor and he is no longer taking any medications. He is a much happier boy. He can enjoy himself and play with his friends outside! It has made such a difference.

I have told many people about chiropractic and share with them the change it has made in our lives.

Thank you so much! Cameron loves you all!