1st Adjustment at 3 Weeks!

Eve K Eve K

My newborn cried endlessly and was never relaxed or comfortable.

We had brought Eve to her pediatrician because she was having chronic crying spells. She was diagnosed with colic. We were told to give her a medication called Mylicon but I was against using any drugs on my young baby. We chose a homeopathic formula instead. This helped slightly with the crying but it was obvious that she was still distressed.

As a new Mother I felt helpless because I couldn't understand why my little baby cried so much. My confidence as a mother was dwindling and I was in tears on a daily basis. It was one of the hardest times mentally in my life. Everyone kept telling me to "enjoy her at this age...it goes by fast!" but in between tears and prayer I would think, "I hope this age would go by fast."

I live in Raleigh and had personally been to a chiropractor & did not have a positive result for my lower back pain. I just thought that chiropractic was for some people and not for me, & definitely not for my baby.

However even though I qu e s t ion ed ch i roprac t i c , because my sister sung the praises of Dr. Paat and her husband Dr. Wilding, (she had been a patient of Dr. Paat's and attended Dr. Wilding's 8 week nutrition class and really trusted their advice), I was willing to give it a try.

At Eve's first adjustment I had everyone brace themselves because I thought it would get loud. To my amazement when Dr. Paat started the process Eve relaxed, smiled & laid back quietly while Dr. Paat worked on her. We were floored. I wanted to get out the video camera because I thought nobody would believe me! Normally she cries whenever I put her in her car seat & at the end of her visit she didn't this time, she just kept right on smiling. I really didn't think it would last, but it did. It was an answered prayer for us, I really feel that God worked through Dr. Paat and healed o u r baby . He r e n t i r e personality changed overnight! It is a miracle! We can now go places in confidence. I know that now I can handle her in public. It is a joy to be a mother. This is the baby I dreamed of having & now I have her in real life. This would not have been my story as a new mother had we not come to Dr. Paat. I have told everyone. So many are not awa r e o f t h i s t y p e o f treatment for babies, some even looked at me like I had two heads when I told them I was taking Eve at 3 weeks old to a chiropractor. I would just tell them it works, you should try it! I too now enjoy the benefits of chiropractic finally experiencing relief for my lower back. I have also started taking fish oils & a green's supplement they have at the office. Since I breast-feed Eve reaps the benefits of these as well. I feel better than ever. I am now so excited about motherhood. I feel confident and relieved that our lives are on the path

I now have the baby I dreamed of & I enjoy her every minute of every day!
Thanks Dr. Paat - Kathy