Child Development, Learning & Behavior

Functional Neurology for Child Development, Learning and Behavioral Disorders with Dr. Kara Paat.

Dr. Paat has helped many school-aged children struggling with learning, reading, math, writing, processing, comprehension, bed-wetting, behavior issues, stress, coordination, dyslexia, ADHD, autism spectrum and more.

Dr. Paat’s program focuses on the importance of early childhood development, including pregnancy, birth process, and motor milestones obtained in the child’s first year, the role of the vestibular system and expression of primitive and postural reflexes along with their relationship for optimal learning, cognition, motor, emotion and behavior skills development.

The fundamental issue with many children may be linked to a desynchronization of the brain, creating a functional disconnection.  Dr. Paat assesses each child individually to determine the underlying level of neuromotor immaturity.  A specific treatment protocol may then be implemented to improve the foundation (brainstem upwards). Strengthening the foundation and neuronal pathways, often leads to improved cognitive, behavioral, sensory, ocular, vestibular, and motor function.  All of which may benefit the child in the classroom, thereby freeing them of internal distractions, helping them to focus on the task at hand and learn with ease.

Dr. Paat’s very thorough diagnostic assessment includes an evaluation of gross motor, cerebellum, hemispheric laterality, oculomotor screening, primitive and postural reflex assessment to detect the earliest developmental level of the problem and an individualized program is designed to help strengthen neuronal pathways.  Exercises are carried out at home under parental supervision.  The program takes 5-10 minutes a day over the course of up to a year.  Progress is reviewed at 6-8-week intervals and the exercises adapted according to progress.  Key elements of the program are regularity, repetition and duration.

Dr. Kara Paat’s specialty certifications:

  • American College of Functional Neurology
    Certificate of the American board of Childhood Developmental Disorders
  • Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology
    Certified in the INPP method

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