Chronic Migraines

Heather Hall Heather Hall

Migraines had taken over my life!
I had suffered with migraines for several months and my pediatrician was not able to help me. They had me taking several different pain medications such as Topamax, Amerge, Prednisone, Seroquel, Aspirin, Advil, Excedrin, which altered my ability to think clearly and did nothing for the pain.

They soon sent me to a neurologist, who requested films and a CAT scan. This revealed nothing. I was grateful that the doctors did not discover anything wrong but I was discouraged because we were no further in discovering the cause of my migraines.

It was awful, I had a headache every day. They were so severe that I had to leave school. I was completely dysfunctional. I had missed so many days of school, my parents and teachers were afraid I wouldn't be able to advance to the next level.

I was so frustrated with myself and the doctors. I had given up hope. My mother didn't, thank God. She had spoken to a friend of hers that was a patient of Dr. Paat's, her friend told her Dr. Paat might be able to help. We figured why not, we had tried everything else. We had no other options. After about 2 weeks my headaches subsided significantly and now I visit Dr. Paat once every month or so just to maintain the progress we made. I no longer have headaches. It's amazing. I have my life back. I can play with my sister, go to school, stay over with friends. Chiropractic has given me my life back. I am so thankful. I was even able to study and pass my end of year tests so that I could move on to the next grade!

I have recommended chiropractic to so many since my recovery. I can only hope others that are suffering find out about chiropractic, it has definitely changed my life!