Colic & Gas

My Baby Couldn’t Sleep!

Amy Lancaster Amy Lancaster

My name is Amy Lancaster and I had been a chiropractic patient for years. I had initially began seeing Dr. Wilding and then when I became pregnant, I began seeing Dr. Paat. I had my first son Aiden and he also became a patient of Dr. Paat’s soon after he was born. His health has been wonderful and he is now going on two. My second son was born on May 3td 2007 and he too became a patient of Dr. Paat’s soon after he was born because he was suffering with colic and gas. He was very obviously uncomfortable and he would “grunt” and cry all day and night long. Even the nurses were not able to settle him. I was advised to give him gas drops. The first night we brought him home, he cried from 9pm until 4am. My husband and I were very stressed and overwhelmed. We were not able to take him out of the house because wherever we would go he would cry the entire time. Grocery shopping was a nightmare. I felt so terrible that I wasn’t able to ease his pain. I felt like I was a bad mother. Because of my experience with Dr. Wilding and Dr. Paat and the support of friends, I decided to bring Brock to see Dr. Paat for an evaluation. I had no doubts that they would be able to help him in some way.

I now have a baby that smiles, sleeps and is no longer uncomfortable. I take Brock to work with me and I don’t have to worry about him disrupting the office with screaming. Our home life has improved dramatically and the confidence we have gained as parents has been tremendous. We began to doubt our abilities as parents, now my husband is comfortable watching our son on his own! I tell everyone about chiropractic. I wish I would have discovered it sooner. There is no value you can put on having a happy healthy baby. I am so grateful to have chiropractic Advantage here in Goldsboro. They treat my family like their own and go out of their way to make sure we are happy and healthy. Thank you! Amy Lancaster.