Ear Infections, Colds, Sinus, Wheezing & Chiropractic???

Brady Aldrich Brady Aldrich

Our son Brady had been suffering with ear infections since he was 2 months old. He had been to other doctors for his condition and had been prescribed amoxicillin numerous times. It seemed to start when he was diagnosed with RSV and bronchiolitis and continued on since.

He also experienced wheezing since he had RSV and bronchiolitis. He was getting frequent colds and sinus infections as well. His cough and runny nose were an ongoing issue since 2 months of age. We dealt with it 24/7. We tried saline nose drops, humidifiers and they did not help him at all.

We were at a loss we did not know what else we could do to help our son. Nothing seemed to be working. A friend of ours told us about their chiropractor, Dr. Paat, and how she has been able to help their child battle different ailments. She encouraged us to go to Dr. Paat's class which explains chiropractic and the nervous system and how it could possibly help our son. Until that point we really didn't think chiropractic could help Brady since we thought chiropractic had nothing to do with "sickness" and overall health.

After Brady's very first visit we noticed a change. He was not coughing, his runny nose and wheezing stopped! That afternoon he took his very first much needed daytime nap and slept for 2 hours. Dr. Paat had also noticed that Brady had difficulty turning his head and asked if he had a preference for the left, and sure enough he did. We hadn't thought to mention that. After that first adjustment he started turning to his right side and rolling over! Brady has continued to improve with each visit. We now bring him only as needed. I recommend Dr. Paat's new patient class for those who are skeptical and want to learn about chiropractic, it's not what you might think! It has definitely changed our sons life and in turn our lives for the better.

By Kristen and Brian Aldrich