Failed Low Back Surgery

14 Years of Suffering!

Rob Braswell Rob Braswell

I had a herniated disc in my lower back which caused daily sharp, stabbing pain. I had to be very careful with my movements otherwise I would be bed ridden for days. Some days, the radiating pain would inhibit me from walking. I was forced to stay home on days like this as I was unable to move. I was not able to hold my 2 year old twins due to the severe pain. I was not able to keep up with any sport or fitness activity with my 16 year old son. I was missing out on so much of my life. I slowly gave up basketball, taebo, volleyball, golf and yard work. I felt so much older than my age.

I had tried medications, spinal injections, hyrdrocodone, oxycodone and all of them helped short term but the intense pain always came back. I went as far as having surgery on my lower back but this too failed.

I also suffered with weekly migraines for 10 years. I tried altering my caffeine intake and took medications to get by. I finally decided to do some research into alternative approaches and I discovered chiropractic. I had suffered for so long, I hoped that this would help. I then discussed it with my medical doctor and he referred me to Dr. Wilding. After the first adjustment with Dr. Wilding I felt relief. Bending over to tie my shoes would cause sharp pain in my lower back and I no longer experienced this! I was so thrilled.

I was even more shocked to find that he was able to discover that I suffered with migraines based on the spinal scan that was done on my first visit. He worked to correct those too!

Today I am pain-free in my lower back and my headaches are far and few between. I have restarted my fitness class and am able to golf and play basketball again! What's most important is that I am able to enjoy activities with my children!

I now tell anyone with any ailment to go and see Dr. Wilding. I was 44 years before going to my first chiropractic appointment and only wish I had started sooner. It has been extremely beneficial to my health and well-being.