Frozen Shoulder

Barbara JeffersonBarbara Jefferson

I suffered with daily shoulder pain for over a year. My shoulder was immovable. I went through several different tests with my medical doctor to determine the cause and find a treatment but the outcome was unsuccessful. I was left dependent on daily medications to manage the pain. I also suffered with aching leg pain for years. I again went through bouts of tests with no treatment or relief.

I was unable to exercise or keep up with household chores. I couldn't even comb my own hair, I was miserable. I had to refrain from participating in family activities, which really hurt me emotionally.

I was not getting any relief of symptoms and was tired of taking medications. My overall health was deteriorating rapidly.

I decided to seek chiropractic care and hoped it would help.

It wasn't long after seeing Dr. Wilding and my pain was gone. I had pain-free full range of motion of my shoulder. I no longer suffer with hip and leg pain either. I feel better mentally and physically!

My husband, daughter and son all see Dr. Wilding. Even my grandson goes to Dr. Paat! It's great. I tell everyone I care about to see a chiropractor if they have pain, preferably Dr. Wilding or Paat. It has been a godsend for me.

I feel very confident that if I have a problem, Dr. Wilding or Dr. Paat will find a way to solve it. I can't praise them enough.