Massage & Chiropractic,
An Awesome Combination!

Ginny CBeing a photographer requires me to be ready and able to be everywhere, smiling, at all times! When I first came to see Dr. Wilding I had suffered with lower back pain and muscle tension in my shoulders for 5 years. I was taking Tylenol daily and continued to experience pain. The pain would affect my sleeping because I would develop restless leg syndrome and headaches.

It affected my job because it was very difficult for me to enjoy the process or to focus when the pain was intense. Dr. Wilding had helped reduce many of my symptoms through chiropractic, however he suggested I also try deep tissue massage. Since he suggested it, I knew it would help.

After my first massage with Hope Moore, I noticed a big difference. With deep tissue massage, she was able to find the knots that were triggering most of my pain. I have told many people of the amazing benefits of chiropractic care and massage. I love it!

I am very grateful for the care I have received from Dr. Wilding and Hope Moore. Since coming
to Chiropractic Advantage I feel wonderful and recommend it to everyone!

Thank you both, Ginny C