Dr. Wilding is a Miracle Worker!

He helped my son after 3 sets of tubes!

My son Hayden suffered with ear infections and the pain that accompanies them for as long as I can remember. They began at only 6 weeks old. We went to several pediatricians for help and each time we were given a different prescription. He had been put on several different antibiotics over the years only to get yet another ear infection. We finally opted for surgery since that was the only recommendation the doctors could make. We proceeded to have tubes put in both ears, and each time he did somewhat better until the tubes fell out and we would then go ahead and have another surgery to put them back in. We did this 3 times! We also had his tonsils and adenoids removed due to the urging of his pediatrician. Despite all of these invasive surgeries, he still suffered. He continued to have pain, drainage, sleep apnea, difficulty at school, and problems with listening. It affected his life in many negative ways.

He didn't sleep well, he was irritable and would also get in trouble at school. Not surprisingly, it was difficult for the entire family.

One of our family members recommended Dr. Wilding. We had never been to a chiropractor before and we had our doubts (especially Hayden's father). Thankfully, Dr. Wilding educated us so we felt confident that chiropractic care was safe and could possibly help him!

Since seeing Dr. Wilding it has been almost a year and we have not had to take any antibiotics. We have not had to see the ENT or pediatrician either! In the past we had never gone more than 2 months without a trip to the doctor.

Chiropractic care has improved our lives in so many ways. Hayden is not sick from taking medications, his ears are better and we have no more drug or hospital bills! I have since told many people about chiropractic, I tell them to try it FIRST, before any other type of care! It has certainly been a blessing to us!