I Feel 10 Years Younger!

Mary Carraway Mary Carraway

I Might be 72 Years Old But I Feel 10 Years Younger

Chiropractic has helped me get back to doing the things I enjoy!

I was suffering from severe pain in both hips for over 20 years. I had to stop doing most of the activities I enjoyed such as gardening, walking and other exercises. I had been to a pain doctor and been prescribed arthritis medications but did not like taking them. I was told to see a surgeon but really wanted to avoid that route. I had even tried another chiropractor before but he didn't seem to help me. I just figured that I would have to live with the problem for the rest of my life. I was becoming depressed. I had no motivation to do anything since most activities hurt me. It was very distressful.

I also suffered with headaches on a weekly basis for about 25 years. I was told that they were due to bone spurs in my neck, and of course they weren't going to go away. I was advised to take pain medication to alleviate my symptoms as needed.

A friend of mine had been talking about her wonderful experience at Chiropractic Advantage. She suggested that I give chiropractic another try, so I did. I am very pleased that I did. I felt significant relief in both my hips in less than a month's time. I don't have anymore headaches! I can now get outside and work in my garden, I am walking and stretching to improve my overall health. I sleep better at night, my legs don't cramp at all, I am so much happier and confident. I have told several friends and family members about chiropractic, my daughter now sees Dr. Paat and has had great results too! Anyone who is suffering should give chiropractic a try, it has been worth it for me!