Ear Infections


Karen CompeanMy daughter Karen was diagnosed with ear infections when she was only a month old. I brought Karen to see several pediatricians and she was given Amoxicillan, Augmentin, Recefin shots, to name a few. None of this helped. Each time she had an ear infection she was given an antibiotic and the ear infection would come right back again! I felt awful for my daughter as she had many sleepless nights due to pain. I just wanted to help. I became very frustrated since I had so many repeated doctors visits that took time away from work and school as well, and nothing was helping!

The pediatrician stated that the only option would be tubes. I didn't want my daughter to have surgery at 6 months old and possibly suffer with side-effects such as hearing loss due to scar tissue, especially if there was an alternative approach.

Karen CompeanI had never been to a chiropractor before and never would have thought to bring Karen but my employer recommended Dr. Paat. I am glad she did. After the first week of adjustments Karen slept peacefully through the night and seemed like a much happier baby. The results have been amazing. Dr. Paat recommended Probiotics for Karen since she had been on antibiotics. I now have a healthy child, she has been medication free for 2 years now!

I too see Dr. Paat now for optimal wellness. I tell everyone to try chiropractic first, it has changed our lives! I feel blessed that I chose chiropractic care...my daughter will thank me one day! Thank you Dr. Paat, Melissa Compean.