Chiropractic Saved My Life!

Mark’s Daughter Gina!My mother had a difficult time birthing me. Forceps were needed which created stress in my upper cervical spine. After coming home from the hospital I stayed sick. I had reflux and diarrhea constantly, so much so that I became dehydrated. The doctors thought that I was going to die. There was nothing they could do to control the situation.

My parents decided, as a last resort, to bring me to see my uncle who was a chiropractor. After getting some adjustments my problems subsided. Both of my parents feel that it saved my life. I feel that Chiropractic should have been the first treatments I received as an infant following a forceps birth.

I have continued with chiropractic care over the years to maintain a higher quality of life. My whole family sees a chiropractor now. My daughter received her first chiropractic checkup with Dr. Paat soon after we brought her home from the hospital. My wife and I would like to avoid medications for problems that might be helped naturally with chiropractic. That is why myself and family go to Chiropractic Advantage, their goals are the same as mine!