I was suffering with left arm numbness and tingling as well as neck pain which would come and go, I was also very tired and lifeless. I considered this to be a sign of something more severe so I went to my primary medical doctor. I was assessed and told that if it happened again to come back. I figured that it must be a pinched nerve which was causing my discomfort.

So I decided to go to Dr. Kinsley the very next day. He assessed me very thouroughly, and used a stethoscope to listen to my neck and my heart. After his assessment was complete he advised me to go back to the ER and not to leave before more thorough testing was done. He was concerned with the possibility that I could be at risk of having a stroke. I listened.

I went to Pitt Co. Hospital ER and when they evaluated me they came to the conclusion that indeed I was having a stroke and I needed to have surgery right away. I am here because of my chiropractor. He saved my life. I now feel great with regular adjustments and I am able to enjoy my life to the fullest. Please try chiropractic first, it may save a life!

Mary Volz