No More Tubes

Mackenzie Malham Mackenzie Malham

I had surgery three times for the same problem!!
I was having chronic ear infections since I was a baby and I basically lived on Augmentin. Several ENT specialists recommended surgery. I had surgery but then I would end up with another infection. So they referred me again for surgery, I ended up having surgery three times for ear infections and still suffered with pain in my ear! Nothing seemed to help. Not only was I in constant pain but my hearing had become slightly impaired and I began having difficulty in school. I was unable to join my friends in the pool because this would worsen the problem and increase my pain.

I finally went to see Dr. Paat at the age of 10 because I had been told that I would have to have yet another set of tubes put in my ears! I desperately wanted to avoid this and so my mother made the appointment for me with Dr. Paat. I had never been to a chiropractor before, nor had my mother.

Chiropractic amazed the two of us. Within a matter of a few weeks I was pain-free, ear infection-free and my hearing improved 100%. My grades improved as well.

Now I don't wake crying with pain anymore. Anytime I hear a parent talking about their child's earaches I immediately tell them about Dr. Paat and how chiropractic care has helped me. I may only be 12 years old, but I put in to practice what she has shown me and I tell other kids what they can do to ease the pain in their ears. My mother and both of my sisters now see Dr. Paat as well. Chiropractic works and I am so happy with the difference it has made in our lives.