I went to the chiropractor on the way home from the hospital...

Amy SummerlinDr. Wilding has been my chiropractor for over 8 years. He has helped me with headaches, neck and back pain as well as muscle spasms following a motor vehicle accident. Recently I went to he and his wife because I was pregnant!

I was experiencing back pain during the last few months of pregnancy. It was bothering me so intensely that it caused me to limp. I informed Dr. Wilding and Dr. Paat about my problem, as I was still seeing him from time to time for wellness care since my injury. Dr. Paat was able to work on my back while I lay face down! Dr. Paat has a special table that drops away at the belly. This felt very good as I hadn’t been able to lay that way in months. Between Dr. Wilding and Dr. Paat I was feeling much better throughout the last stages of pregnancy. I even went to see Dr. Wilding on my way home from the hospital after giving birth to my 4th daughter, Jessica. I had experienced back labor. My pain went away immediately.

I bring my entire family to the chiropractor. The girls get adjustments from time to time to make sure their spine is aligned. They look forward to seeing the chiropractor. Even new baby Jessica has had her first adjustment. Chiropractic has helped the whole family.

We go to Dr. Wilding and Dr. Paat as a first resort for our health care needs. I have told many people about the amazing benefits of chiropractic. It has changed our lives.