Kelly Coley

Kelly ColeyOffice Manager

Kelly initially entered the clinic as a patient in 2005, and after directly experiencing the benefits of hands-on chiropractic care in conjunction with proper nutrition, she felt compelled to leave her job at Wayne Community College and join the team at Chiropractic Advantage.

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Brittney Meek

Brittney MeekMassage Therapist

Brittney has been a patient at Chiropractic Advantage since childhood, receiving regular adjustments and massage therapy. Consequently, she discovered an early understanding of the complimentary benefits of these two modalities. This first-hand experience has been the sole inspiration that led her to Johnston Community College, where she graduated as a certified medical massage practitioner.

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Kayla Holmes

Kayla HolmesOffice Assistant

Kayla and her husband first became friends in high school and began dating shortly after graduating, and not long after they were married. Their family soon grew and they now have 3 awesome children and 2 crazy dogs. Their children keep them busy and they are constantly on the go with their son’s go-kart racing, and the girl’s softball games and gymnastics!

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Kerri Jo Gurley

Kerri Jo GurleyOffice Assistant

Kerri Jo Gurley was born and raised in the Rosewood Community in Goldsboro. She graduates with a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Mount Olive in August 2019. She enjoys spending time with her family, boyfriend, friends and her dog Baxter. She loves going to her little piece of paradise on the beach and riding her jet skis or just taking time to relax. Her hobbies include fishing, shopping, decorating and monograming, she also prides herself on being a Pinterest Professional.  

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Pam Westbrook

Pam WestbrookOffice Assistant

Pam first discovered Chiropractic Advantage when her daughter was in 3rd grade. She was experiencing severe vocal and motor tics while in school. They affected her schoolwork and were very upsetting and embarrassing to her, she would often come home crying. She was told by her medical doctor she would eventually grow out of it. Her teacher suggested attending one of Dr. Wilding’s seminars. Within just 2 days of following his recommendations, she was completely free of her tics and has been for 5 years! The culprit - red dye - which ironically was in the vitamins she had been taking.  

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