Rising Star Award at school

Tonya Testimonial

Ashton (age 10) came to see Dr. Paat as a last resort. He had been evaluated by 7 previous doctors to determine the underlying cause of his inability to read and articulate, as well as learning delay. He was also extremely emotional and would not allow anyone to touch him, he would overreact to noises, and would not interact socially with peers. Frequently he heard buzzing sounds in his ears and would react with screaming.

Ashton has only been working with Dr. Paat for approximately 4 months and he no longer hears the buzzing sounds in his ears, he easily approaches and interacts with peers. He does not react when he is touched or when he hears loud noises. He articulates much more confidently and has been able to tackle reading.

He recently received the Rising Star Award at school. For the very first time, he walked up to his father and hugged him! The potential is limitless.